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Melissa De Klerk

I had the pleasure of meeting Melissa briefly at a Blogger meets Brand event in Port Elizabeth late last year.

Since then, I have watched her brand blossom online and have become slightly addicted to seeing her next Instagram post.

Melissa’s enthusiasm, attention to detail and creative flair are qualities that one immediately identifies when engaging with her. Recently, I asked her a few questions about her Entrepreneurial Journey with Fox & Owl Media so as to help introduce her to you, my loyal reader.

Why did you decide to become an Entrepreneur?

I became an entrepreneur because I saw a lack of opportunity for people of my age and skill set. In the future, I hope to be able to give back to university graduates who were in my position.

When deciding on becoming an Entrepreneur, what was the biggest fear / challenge / obstacle you had to overcome? Biggest achievement?

My biggest fear was not being able to find clients. The biggest challenge has been (and still is) finding a market for my skills.

My biggest achievement thus far has been replacing (and doubling) my corporate income.

Who is your support structure?

Very clichéd answer here, I’m afraid, but my husband and mom support me through everything. My mom is also an Entrepreneur and has been working for herself for more than 20 years. While my mom may not understand exactly what I do (love you, Mom), she understands the struggles of Business and working by oneself every single day.

My husband is the first person I tell when things go awesomely and when there’s been a mishap. He is a wonderfully calming presence in my life, encourages me when I need it, and is always realistic about how bad things can get. He likes telling me that things could always be worse. His cynically optimistic take on life is exactly what I need to hear after a long day.

How do you juggle being an Entrepreneur, Furkid Mom, Wife and Member of Society?

The juggle is real! I have one dachshund named Milo. I have become those people I used to think of as a little bit loony. Milo is a little human and we spoil him appropriately. He gives me the biggest puppy eyes while I’m cutting an apple, and I have to give him a small apple wedge.

I make time to take Milo for a walk, sometimes with my husband and sometimes on my own. I go to the gym with my husband in the evenings and we train together. We may not necessarily be talking about our day – the extent of our exchanges in the gym come to “what are we doing next?” and “there are no empty benches” – but we are spending time together doing something we both enjoy.

What do you do for fun?

I take the dog for an early-morning run on the beach, regularly practice yoga, weight training, colour in, read, write, snap photos and I make jewellery and dreamcatchers.

Do you have a tip for fellow Entrepreneur Mom Blogger? 

Embrace the busy of your life but try not to become overwhelmed by everything you feel you need to do. I know that there are so many things you want to do for your business that it’s tempting to work *on* your business instead of working *in* it. You need to be able to do both – keep doing the things that bring in the money while building your business behind the scenes.

It’s also important to know what you can do, what you love doing, and what you’d rather not do in your business. Then find out what it would cost for someone else to do what you’d rather not do.

In my experience, websites can be such a sticking point for people. Business Owners know that they need a website but they feel so overwhelmed by the technology or the cost that they don’t do it at all. I think this is a great pity. I love helping business owners create a beautiful presence online.

If you are looking to outsource Branding Development, Social Media Marketing or Website Design, contact Melissa directly via her Social Media Accounts or subscribe to her Blog:

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