An Open Letter To South African Entrepreneurs

Open letter to South African Entrepreneurs
2016. The year I decided to include a more personal element to my Website in the form of the occasional personal Blog Post. This would be one of them so grab the tissues (just joking).
I have been relatively quiet on my Blog for the first few months of 2016, [you many have noted that I only recently started a 30 Day Blog Challenge, if not, read more here] as I have been studying towards four different qualifications and have finally reached the mark where the Certifications are rolling in i.e I can finally breath and sleep again 😉

Being a Mom, Entrepreneur and Responsible Member of Society is hard. Firstly, the title ‘Mom’ brings a plethora of emotions on it’s own, and to then add the title “Entrepreneur” makes being a Responsible Member of Society a walk in the park. I have had so many discussions with South African Entrepreneurs over the past years and am always surprised when we all seem to have the same thought in common: “Man, this is not a walk in the park

Entrepreneurship is in my opinion, something that you are born with. It cannot be taught nor can it be dissolved. Trust me, many a time I have wanted to give up. Backstabbing, Competition Tactics, Total Stupidity (yes I said it), Lack of Time, Corporate Stumbling Blocks, Cashflow Problems, you name it, I’ve been there, done that and even tried to sell the printed T-Shirt! (see, I told you Entrepreneurship is in your blood)

A few Sunday’s ago at roughly 9pm, I wrote an online exam which consisted of 100 questions for my Social Media Marketing Diploma. I was given 120 minutes to complete and finished question 100 at the 25 minute mark. My result, Distinction. This certification is but one on my path to upskilling myself as a promise I made myself at the end of 2015.

The reason for my Distinction is not because I am a super genius at Social Media Marketing, no. Almost anyone can do what I do, believe me.

The reason for it is because of the support I have received from various people, so many infact that I decided to do what a true Social Media Marketer does best and turn my Thank You into an open letter to all Entrepreneurs (a simple Facebook Tag Session would simply not suffice).

The lesson from the below thank you’s: Entrepreneurs, turn to those that understand your craft better than anyone else and accept help when required.

Firstly, the man to whom I call my best friend and partner, Graeme. Life has been tough for us over the past few months. We have moved to a new town, both have been busy with studies while trying to settle our two girls into their new environments. Clients haven’t always paid on time, work has been demanding, household chores have sometimes piled up, our friend group has dissipated and all the while you have supported my every decision and made the title of Mom so much easier. After spending almost 9 months apart last year due to your own studies, I know that even though we have been in the same house, we have been so busy with trying to upskill ourselves for the benefit of our children, that sometimes I have forgotten to tell you how much your love and support means to me. Your constant investment in me by continuously pushing me to academically better myself is something that I will forever be thankful for. You are the very best babysitter I know by the way 😉 

Claire, working with you is such a pleasure and I know that we have a very long relationship ahead. Your grace and ethical movements inspire me to become a better Entrepreneur. You are a dedicated Mom, Business Owner and member of the South African Community and I always look forward to working with you! I love our giggles on Google Hangouts and most of all I love your 100% honesty; many Entrepreneurs lack that very element and I am grateful to call you a friend. 

Tiaan, apart from being my accountability partner in Business, you and your family have too recently gone through a massive relocation and new beginnings. I know how hard that can be. Thank you for keeping me on the right track Business wise. Your Entrepreneurial knowledge has kept me in line and has allowed me to dedicate equal time to both my work and studies. I admire the dedication you have to not only your Business but to your family too, always striving to make the South African Business Landscape a better place for all. 

Miss Alta WOW! Look at where we are today!! We once spoke briefly once about wanting to make a real difference within the NPO Market in South Africa and since then we have had the most amazing adventure! You have taught me to always be genuine and humble, ALWAYS. Miss Alta, you too have gone through a big change in your life this year, (with me moving away who can you have regular tea and cake with?? #joking), your retirement is a massive milestone and I want to thank you on behalf of SOUTH AFRICA for teaching not only myself, but hundreds of others to be responsible Members of Society. Your willingness and love for the NPO Fraternity is remarkable and I can only hope to emulate your dedication one day. 

Arnold, you Sir gave me the exact push I needed!!! Your constant dedication to those less fortunate and your ability to always see the good in others is what South Africa needs more of! Some nights I was so tired after trying to juggle my daily responsibilities but knowing that there is someone out there like yourself that constantly helps so many people, helped me keep focus. There are so many people living in South Africa that don’t realize what the ‘behind-the-scenes’ looks like with regards to Upliftment, Skills Development and Fundraising and I want to highlight the hard work that you do. Thank you for being so dedicated to others and for being such an awesome human being!

So you see, I couldn’t have done it on my own. As an Entrepreneur I have needed support, the hard core truth (sometimes) thrown at me, the guidance when taking massive risks and most importantly the fellowship of “Together We Can”.

My message to you reading this is, as an Entrepreneur, life is hard. But guess what, we signed up for it. We signed up for it because we have what it takes to not only make our direct communities a better place, but to also dedicate most of our time to becoming better people. Keep pushing, keep hustling, keep taking risks, keep upskilling yourself, just keep doing what you do in the best way that you know how. Perseverance is ultimately what wins and I urge you all to seek out an Entrepreneurs support structure.

Together we can make our direct Community a much better place to live in and together we can achieve success. Together we can uplift each other and those is need around us. Together we can change people’s lives and together we will all succeed.


Author: Sam Posselt

Keynote Speaker | Google for Nonprofits Trainer | Marketing and Training Manager for Phambano Technology Development Centre. I post about Blogging, Business, Philanthropy, Space and Reality TV. In-love with Twitter!

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