South African Bloggers! I need you!

South African Bloggers

Are you a Blogger living in South Africa? Yes?

Good! You are EXACTLY who I am looking for!

If you don’t yet know me, I am a Social Media Coach and Strategist born and bred in South Africa. I have coached Small Businesses and Corporates to Social Media Success since 2007 and have become increasingly discouraged at the lack of support for local, homegrown Bloggers, like yourself. Also, I have been searching for a comprehensive (and updated) SA Blog Directory to refer my Clients to. Needless to say, I am still searching.

I know what it’s like: When people hear that you are a Blogger, they give you a spaced-out-she-must-be-poor look right? They have no idea how much work goes into your content planning, graphic design, back-end design, platform hosting, social media marketing, spam comment blocking and so on….

Trying to engage with non Bloggers in conversations about a plugin that updated at midnight and subsequently messed up your CSS is tiresome right? Added to that, you feel somewhat terrified of approaching Corporates due to (what you believe to be) an insufficient Media Kit….if you even have one.

I get it.

That is why I have decided to bring you lovelies together in the form of one Hashtag (Hashtag Language is my strength): #sablogtribe 

So, what’s in it for you? Access to a comprehensive and updated online network of South African Bloggers; access to Small Businesses and Corporates that NEED Bloggers AND access to my Blogger Resources and Tips.

All from one Hashtag, #sablogtribe and all for FREE.

As I am still busy curating this tag (you will only find but a few posts online at the moment) I would like to invite you to submit your Blog details below so that I may add you the Tribe in the meantime. Ready?


Author: Sam Posselt

Keynote Speaker | Google for Nonprofits Trainer | Marketing and Training Manager for Phambano Technology Development Centre. I post about Blogging, Business, Philanthropy, Space and Reality TV. In-love with Twitter!

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