The Best Android App on the Planet

The best Android App on the planet

Ah! I am 100% in love with a new App and I know that you are going to love it too!

My most avid reader will know that I LOVE shopping in the Google PlayStore. I am constantly adding (and deleting) Apps on my Sony and often, write about the ones I love for Business purposes.

Today’s App is a bit different.

I need to set the foundation for my adding of the App first:

I have an 8 year old Independent-full-of-questions-about-how-Humans-came-to-life


a 4 year old I-believe-Unicorns-exist-and-emotionally-crumble-when-I-see-SPCA-Adverts-on-TV.

The husband is the If-I-see-a-Lion-getting-hurt-on-an-animal-show-I-will-cry type.

I happen to be the Show-me-as-many-Animal-and-Planet-programs-as-possible kind of gal.

(Yes we all live under one roof and yes, it’s very interesting being me)

I am always trying to find Animal/Planet related DVDs that will keep us all happy and most importantly, help teach the youngins about the circle of life. Usually, we all get disappointed because one of us (typically the 4 year old or the Husband) lands up in tears.

A few days ago, I stumbled upon the BBC Earth The Story of Life (free app) which features more than 1000 Sir David Attenborough memorable moments documenting our Earth.

1000 moments.

Naturally, I thought: “Well, school holidays are here, and I need to somehow keep the kiddies busy while trying to answer emails” and downloaded the App.

I’m so glad that I did.

We have watched a few collections thus far and our most favourite has been the short clip of a Snow Leopard trying to hunt a Mountain Goat. Never before seen footage of one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet doing what is does best: Surviving.

Snow Leopard

Best of all? This App has sparked endless conversations around our breakfast, dinner and supper table from the little people which is always a good thing 😉 (I’m also happy to report that the collections have been designed in such a manner that all four of us can select exactly what we want to watch which means NO MORE TEARS #bonus)

Keen to try it out? Let me know in the comments section if you do, I would love to hear which collection is your favourite.

“This is natural history for the digital age, allowing people to explore the story of life on earth and share their favourite natural history moments with the worldSir David Attenborough.


Author: Sam Posselt

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