Has Katy Perry replaced Miley Cyrus?

Katy Perry

Last night, I watched Katy Perry’s new music video Bon Appétit (ft Migos) and gagged. The sound, visuals and ‘sex” undertone screamed Miley Cyrus.

I had to snap myself out of shock and question what I was watching.  What on earth has happened to the Katy Perry I have on my playlist? Her shorter hair and outrageous (when did cannibalism become fashionable?) music video screams “publicity stunt” and I for one don’t appreciate such from a seasoned artist that I kind of enjoy.

Then came her Ellen interview….. well see for yourself:

Then her #bonappetitchallenge on Twitter where she encourages Tweeters to send her videos of pouring water on themselves (why???):

After seeing Miley Cyrus’ latest video Malibu I am convinced (and agree with most of Twitterverse) that Katy has decided to take over the reigns from Miley and Miley has decided to become the next Taylor…..


If you haven’t yet seen either video, here they are:

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