5 Items on My Bucket List

5 Items on My Bucket List

Oh, the proverbial Bucket List. The things we all wish to do before we die.

The difference for me (of course) is that I have set goals to actually follow through and do mine!

Here are my Top 5 Items On My Bucket List:

1. Visit NASA’s Johnson Space Center

5 Items on My Bucket List

I am a TOTAL Space Geek. I’m talking 100% addicted to everything Space related! One day (very soon I hope) I want to walk through the hallways of NASA’s Johnson Space Center knowing that my feet are on the same ground as previous Space Explorers. I want to meet the folk behind the scenes and have deep conversations about Astrophysics, even though I probably wont have a clue what is going on 😉

2. Drink Sangria in Greece

5 Items on My Bucket List


As a young child, my Dad would often tell me of his travels and he always spoke so fondly of Greece. Perhaps it was because I had an incessant need to know everything there was to know about the Ancient Greek Gods that has made me always want to visit Greece. Now, why I would want to drink Sangria, which is traditionally a Portuguese/Spanish drink in Greece, I don’t know.

3. Spend one week teaching 4 year olds

5 Items on My Bucket List


My oldest daughter is 8 and my youngest is 4. For their entire lives Mom has been an Entrepreneur. Mom has had incredibly stressed out days, many achievements and often, little time. I missed so much of their younger years despite begin able to do school runs and attend sporting matches, that I think it only fair to give back to the Universe and spend a week as a teacher in a 4 year old class. That, and the fact that when I was much younger I wanted to be a teacher, not too sure what happened to that dream.

4. Meet Florence Welch from FATM

5 Items on My Bucket List


Oh this woman! She is my all time inspiration. When I have deadlines and need to get my act together she is the number one artist on my playlist that helps me focus. My all time favourtie song from her is Which Witch. It’s usually on repeat and loud. Don’t know who Florence and The Machine is? I feel sad for you.

5. Become an Air Traffic Controller

5 Items on My Bucket List


Now I’m pretty sure Oxford (my love) is going to crack himself at this one. He is an ATC and he probably doesn’t know that this would be on my bucket list. And to be honest, until I wrote my bucket list, I didn’t either. I have always had a fascination with Aviation but not to the point of actually wanting to be a Pilot. No. I want to tell the Pilots where to go, when to go and help them maintain safety. I see how much work, dedication and stress an ATC goes through on a daily basis and while most would run from the job, I would embrace it. I think of it as a magical place that exists in the sky. A community that needs to work together without fail to ensure that millions of people are safe.

Tell me, what is on your Bucket List?


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