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Speaker of Hashtags Sam Posselt

I am kicking off the BLOG TAG CHALLENGE a bit late I know, what with school holidays coming to an end and my brain in utter chaos at the moment with looming exams, I have only now had the time to sit down and start this adventure!

Today’s writing prompt in this week’s theme (Get to Know Me) is: Best Life Lesson. Ready? Let’s go!

I have had two major Life Lessons, the first in my personal capacity and the second as an Entrepreneur, so consider this a double whammy of a post 😉


Being a Parent is ugly but the very best job I have – now, before you send me hate mail, let me explain:

When I was pregnant with my first born 8 years ago, I found myself questioning everything I had ever been told about Preggy Bellys. You know those people that say “Pregnancy is the very best thing you will ever experience”. It’s not. Let me re-phrase, for me it was not.

My entire Pregnancy was horrible. Birth was a near death experience and living this new life as a first time parent was (and still is) hard.

My constant paranoia and overwhelming sense of “am I doing this properly” is just plain ugly. I thought that when my second child arrived I would have this parenting thing waxed. I was wrong. It is even uglier. Now, I have two humans to take care of, two humans to nurture, two humans to love equally. Basically, I just multiplied the ugliness factor by two. But, the beauty of the ugliness is that they are MY ugliness.

They are MY two humans. They love ME unconditionally. I wake up every day and work towards the goal of raising them as responsible and loving Humans. Their giggles and messiness make up for the ugliness ten fold. The lesson I have learnt is that being a Parent is the most responsible job anyone could ask for and learning to deal with the ugliness that comes with it hard, but oh so enjoyable!

Speaker of Hashtags Sam Posselt



Being an Entrepreneur is ugly, too. 

Oh, the attraction of working your own hours, making a ton of money and having a huge network at your fingertips! The life of an Entrepreneur!

Quick reality check, it’s NONE OF THAT, in the first few years at least. It’s hard work, no pay, legal responsibilities, constant ego and self-esteem questioning, relentless back stabbing, stolen ideas, broken promises and zero holidays.

Now, you may be asking “Sam, if being an Entrepreneur is so ugly, why are you still one?”

My answer to that is simply, I was born an Entrepreneur. It’s in my blood. The lessons I have learnt however is that collaboration with Strategic Partners and Business Strategists ease the ugliness. The hard work for little money teaches a level of responsibility like no other. The connections made with fellow Entrepreneurs are life long. The back stabbing and broken promises teach you to become better at your trade.

At the end of the day, being an Entrepreneur is exhilarating and all consuming and knowing that I directly impact my Community with my thought processes is the reason why I will forever remain an Entrepreneur at heart!


Author: Sam Posselt

Keynote Speaker | Google for Nonprofits Trainer | Marketing and Training Manager for Phambano Technology Development Centre. I post about Blogging, Business, Philanthropy, Space and Reality TV. In-love with Twitter!

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