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Collaborative Effort Somerset West

In January 2016, I relocated to Somerset West, Cape Town. Graeme [my everything] is an Air Traffic Controller and was transferred from our home town, Port Elizabeth to Cape Town.

As much as I enjoyed the adventure that was deemed as our version of ‘The Groot Trek’, I was also very nervous about introducing my Business to a new town.

Some of you may know that Business Networking is very important to me and I am an avid networker. Because of this, the thought of finding a new, local Business Networking Group was daunting to say the least. I spent many a night feeling overwhelmed with thoughts of:

How do I meet new people in SW? Will local Business Owners understand my product? What if SW is clicky? [I know you have had the same thoughts about your town!]

That was until I met Erika Kruger from SomaSense – Therapeutic Massage and she invited me to a group meeting with Collaborative Effort.

Now, in my years of Business Networking I have never experienced the kind of networking CE offers. The meetings are so much more than “let’s pitch our businesses to each other and hand out business cards.

CE provides the platform for like-minded Business Owners to engage in healthy conversations about real life issues. Judgement is not passed and one always walks away from a CE meeting feeling as you are an integral part of a family. THAT is what Business Networking should be like, always.

As a Travelling Hashtagger, I wanted to share with you the basics of the Group in the hopes that you will either join us, or create something similar in your own town!

CE Purpose:

We meet to collaborate with, learn from and support each other. CE provides a sense of community: a safe and nurturing space. We share business-related information – and we recharge our batteries. Current members strengthen our group by inviting individuals who share our purpose, values and mindset and who are able to make a contribution.

What do we do:

We invite our members to volunteer well-prepared 15-minute presentations. Members are invited to chip in to turn these into 30-minute presentations with the proviso that members stick to the presentation topic. We plan two months ahead, and identify four presenters and topics. This enables presenters to prepare, develop a Prezi, slides or diagrams and a handout to be posted in our Group. All members are to please print the handouts in order to arrive prepared, ready to learn and to participate. 

When do we meet:

Thursdays, every two weeks – R20 per attendance. To join the conversation, build relations and gain knowledge all you have to do is: Turn up, listen, participate and reflect.


If you are a Business Owner in Somerset West, Strand or Gordon’s Bay, send me an email for more information on how you can attend a CE meeting.


Author: Sam Posselt

Keynote Speaker | Google for Nonprofits Trainer | Marketing and Training Manager for Phambano Technology Development Centre. I post about Blogging, Business, Philanthropy, Space and Reality TV. In-love with Twitter!

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  1. Thank you so much Sam, for the kind words about CE. It has been great having you as part of the group. And there is always room for more business owners so please join us. It can get lonely in ones own business and my CE business buddies offer me both technical and emotional support.

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