A day in Hout Bay and The Company’s Gardens

A day in Hout Bay and Cape Town City

The Dad and I have been living in Cape Town for just over a year now and I am rather embarrassed to admit that we have not done much exploring #yikes.

As a goal for 2017, we have decided as a family to travel more, albeit in our city first, and then on a larger scale, i.e. South Africa.

To start our travelling adventure off, we took the girls to Hout Bay and to Cape Town City – The Company’s Gardens for a day out.

Hout Bay

Some of the locals have told me that you need a passport to visit the “republic” of Hout Bay as the residents truly believe that they live in their own city-state, far detached from CPT.

I have to admit that I agree somewhat, but not in the tongue-in-cheek manner with which the rest of the city does. It really is a little gem of a town, where the beach dunes decide the road, not Man’s ingenuity. Where the sea meets magnificent rock edifices seemingly capable of crashing into the ocean at any minute.

Where a lover of diverse wooded areas, history, and food can find a small calm niche in a world that otherwise seems to be crazily tearing itself apart at the seams.

We visited the Hout Bay Museum so that we could find out more about this town that very loosely translates to “Woody Bay”. Our fascinating trip around the (small) Museum taught us about:

  • Settlers
  • Ships
  • Fire of 2015
  • The leopard and the sea

The Museum asks for a donation should you feel it worthy, as opposed to an entrance fee. If you happen to go there, look out for our family signatures in their visitor book and send me a pic of yours on Twitter 😉

Next: Chapman’s Peak or a visit to The Company’s Gardens?

Hmmm, kids sitting idle in the car for an extended period vs squirrels, roses and rolling lawns . . . we chose the latter.

After having a quick snack, we made our way hence.

Well now!

Who’d have thought that nestled in the hub-drub of a seething metropolis there’d be a small oasis of serenity?

The Company’s Gardens

What we experienced:

  • Giant Chess board (the kids love chess)
  • Forward squirrels, scandalously climbing limbs for a treat (my youngest squealed with delight; my eldest squealed while running away)
  • Hordes of pigeons, more eager than the squirrels
  • Police on horseback (again, my little one nearly fainted with glee)
  • An aviary
  • Statuesque history preserved in stone

Why we’ll be going back:

As much as I loved the cultural aspect, the heat did get to me (this trip happened towards the end of January).

My mood wasn’t exactly heightened by the photo-snapping energetic Dad prancing about among the droves of pigeons with schoolboy glee. Even my saltiest rendition of “The Stare” could quell his antics. . . . I’d better look into that.

Can’t go about with an ineffective “Stare” keeping him in check 😉

The day ended with a trip to The Dad’s parents in the Northern Suburbs for ice-cream, and two exhausted children.

All in all, we enjoyed an educational and fun day exploring Cape Town and spent R150 (including petrol), not bad if you ask me!

Slideshow of our adventures:

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