How Google+ helped feed a hungry child

How Google+ helped feed a hungry child

This is #MyGoogleZA Story

Just over a year ago I attended the Google NPO Academy in Port Elizabeth. A few days prior I was on Google+ and had seen a post by SANGOTeCH regarding the Academy. Fast forward a few days later and I walked out of that Academy feeling inspired, educated and as though South Africa had finally found a Tech Giant friend. Let me explain:

Google Ad Grants afford South African NPO’s the opportunity to advertise (for free) to a certain dollar quota. For those of you living in South Africa, you will not only understand how important our NPO landscape is, but probably wish you could do more too.

A few days later I was approached by an NPO feeding scheme representative that I was introduced to at the Academy. We met up for coffee and she asked me if I could help her by explaining the Digital Landscape further. Two weeks passed and the feeding scheme grew in leaps and bounds online and used the practices taught at the Academy to further their digital visibility. The result?

More funding.

International Donations.

Children were being fed.

Elderly living with HIV received their weekly meals knowing that more was on it’s way.

Since then I have been an avid Google user, not only in my Business but in my Personal Life, and tell everyone I know about how a moment on Google+ can help feed a South African in need.

To learn more about the SANGOTeCH Google for NonProfits Workshops that I train at across South Africa, please send me tweet here.


Author: Sam Posselt

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