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Graham Beck Winery


The very first thing I learnt at Graham Beck Madeba Estate was that the word Champagne is taboo. Myself and a few other Bloggers even received a few slaps on the wrists for letting the ‘tabooness’ slip out in conversation. My visit to Graham Beck was more than a simple MCC (Methode Cap Classique) tasting. It was a behind-the-scenes look at the art of placing bubbles in wine. Pierre, Winemaker and our host for the day, kept me entertained and fascinated at the process behind once a Grape is harvested to when it is poured into your Glass.

What struck me the most about Pierre and more importantly the Graham Beck brand, is the love they have for Nature Conservation. The Robertsonians that I had met up to then are all lovers of the land and do everything in their power to preserve it, but conservation seemed to ooze from Pierre’s being. He enlightened our group with a story of how he and a few other Winemakers had to solve a problem which involved Eland on the property. Needless to say, Pierre is a true Entrepreneur, as Entrepreneurs are the very best problem solvers. I will not elaborate on the Eland solution as I want to encourage you to visit Graham Beck and ask Pierre yourself. I am certain that he will gladly indulge you with tales of his land as if you were sitting around a fire with him.

While you are there, ask him to take you to meet Buddah. Buddah is a true attraction, all 160 000lt of him!

Pierre and the Graham Beck brand made such an impression on me that I simply could not leave without having something signed. Graciously (if not somewhat bemusedly) Pierre agreed and I now have a signed copy of a Graham Beck Wine Tasting Sheet in my office to remind me that Entrepreneurs in South Africa come in all shapes and sizes and usually don’t wear ties and suits. Their offices can comprise of yeast packets and they need to find solutions that will not only preserve our Country, but also allow for the creation of a World-Class product.

I will be back soon Graham Beck, I promise.

My favourite Graham Beck Wine: BRUT NV Magnum
Added Bonus: See how Graham Beck Protects Our Planet

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