When Grapes And Hashtags Collide

Robertson Wine Valley

Many of you know that I am an avid supporter of Entrepreneurs making use of social media marketing to tell their story. When I was invited to attend (disclaimer alert) an all – expenses paid Media weekend to Robertson Wine Valley alongside Hot Oven Marketing, I immediately packed my chargers ready to Hashtag my way through the countryside.

I tasted the fruit of our land, and not just the simple reaped and harvested crops sent for mass processing. I met the people who’ve salted the ground with their sweat, sacrificed all too much and taken risks that would put the average entrepreneur to shame. All to add a subtle flavour here, or an earthy hint there. I will now pay triple the asking price to relive the kaleidoscope of flavours dancing across my taste buds.

I have been educated on how to properly host guests in my home. Nowhere, and I say again, NOWHERE, have I ever been so welcomed and warmly treated by everyone in a single town. The Robertsonians (is that an actual word?) showed me how to put all of your love and pride on the line for the comfort of others. Perhaps I knew this, but now I have truly experienced it. Each farm, homestead and estate, and in some cases particular vineyards and even individual trees, have a story to impart on anyone who’ll listen. These stories and traditions have been passed down from generation to generation by this remarkable breed of South African found in a little valley in our fair Cape.

I awoke to absolute stillness and had a morning coffee while regarding the crisp and sheer Langeberg mountain silhouetted in cold morning light. I was transported to an olive grove that would be at home on any Mediterranean farm. I dined in amongst the very vines from which I partook, and feasted on the cleanest and most remarkable meat available this side of the equator.

I explored dungeons and catacombs and touched walls that many South African’s never will. I saw secret vaults that were built in a time when winemaking was regarded in a more nefarious light, and that are only being rediscovered now. At night I watched a sky in awe free of light pollution that has become alien, humbling, and beautiful to me.

I rediscovered wonder

I rediscovered fine dining

I rediscovered pride in our heritage


Share my adventure with me in the following chapters of my weekend:

In my adventure you will hear about fellow South African Bloggers and Entrepreneurs that Robertson Wine Valley so graciously afforded me the opportunity to meet. You will also discover new Social Media Accounts and real-life stories that include my Saminisms (I make words up, especially after a few glasses of wine)

I hope you enjoy!

Percy Nel Robertson Wine Valley Shuttle
You will be reading about Percy A LOT in my this Blog Series. He is the Owner of a Shuttle Service and transported us to and from each venue safely. I say NO to Drinking and Driving and recommend that you book a Shuttle Service when Wine Tasting!

Disclaimer: My weekend was sponsored and some of the Wine Farms sent me home with special gifts. All views however in this series are my own.


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