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Marbrin Olive Farm


I’ll admit, I arrived at Marbrin Olive Farm feeling slightly anxious. After my second pregnancy, I took a dislike to the smell of Olives. I knew that I was about to begin an Olive Tasting and told our host, Clive, very openly that I have not had an olive in almost four years. He gave me a slight giggle and said, “just prepare yourself!”

We began with an Olive Oil tasting and demonstration. Immediately Clive’s knowledge and passion rang true with me. I could tell that he lived and breathed Olives. His nature came across as a soul with an International Backpacker’s Degree, i.e. someone that has truly tasted the world. I felt happy to know that he had brought some of these experiences back to South Africa and had perfected a product we all use daily while cooking, Olive Oil.

Next up was the Olive Tasting. I braced myself and tried to (very graciously) eat this foreign object. I suppose the reason why I have not had an Olive in four years was because of the fact that I had not had a chance to eat a proper Olive! Talk about an experience like no other. You know when you taste something for the first time? Yeah, that happened. And then the tapenade arrived. I could have devoured an entire jar in one sitting I swear.

Marbrin Farm had arranged for a tapas lunch on their porch which included Kranskop Wines and a cheese tasting with La Mont.

I have yet (to date) had the absolute pleasure of experiencing such a homely spread. Each taste screamed passion as I could tell that the products were made with love. Each bite reminded me of the land upon which I was sitting; the hours of work invested in each process; the determination and reliance on external factors like Nature that each farmer and producer deals with each day. I felt as if I was transported to a small piece of Spain or Greece while still on South African Soil.

Our table started chatting about traditions and local stories. Laughs were shared and many selfies were taken. The cheese and tapenade were finished way too soon, an indication of how good they were. The wine of the day was the Kranskop Sauvignon Blanc which accompanied the sweet and salty tastes perfectly. French opera was playing in the background but I could just imagine the sounds of Rock Ballades pumping with a group of friends surrounding the traditional Pizza Oven.

All in all, my visit to Marbrin Olive Farm was the absolute highlight of my weekend. Clive once again reminded me (just as Elizabeth did) that being an Entrepreneur in South Africa within the food and wine Industry is a passion of love and hard work. I meet so many Entrepreneurs in my line of work and can honestly say that the Clive’s and Elizabeth’s in the world have the best jobs!

Thank you Marbrin for an incredible experience, I will be coming for lunch again soon!

My favourite Marbrin Product: Marbrin Chilli Olive Oil
My favourite Kranskop Wine: Sauvignon Blanc
My favourite La Mont Product: Black Pepper Cream Cheese

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