Mo and Rose Boutique Guest House | Chapter 8 | Robertson Wine Valley

Mo and Rose


Trusty Percy arrived and within a matter of minutes we were seated at Mo and Rose Boutique Guest House for breakfast. As soon as I met the “Mo” in Mo and Rose, I knew that I was meeting a lady of Grace and Love. She tended to our every whim and made sure that our glasses and plates were full. After giving us a brief history lesson on how she and her husband had become the new owners of Mo and Rose a year ago, she playfully kept us guessing as to her origins from her accent.

My money was on Italy, some said Greece. After a few laughs she announced that she was in fact French and the penny dropped! The décor that made us feel so at home, the small table decorations and the menu all had the remnants of a small Parisian café.

After a delicious breakfast, Percy and I sat on the porch and discussed some more Robertson Wine Valley history. It was at Mo and Rose that I discovered that a Nicolas Cage movie scene was shot but a few roads away from where I was sitting!

Stories like these are what I seek when travelling to new towns and cities. Mo and Rose had a sense of being able to bring together different cultures to discuss heritage in a peaceful aloe setting.

Disclaimer: All views are my own

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