Radloff Dog Park: Why we love it so much

Radloff Dog Park

Despite being Cat people, we love visiting Radloff Dog Park (especially during school holidays) and I wanted to share with you the reasons why.

Map to Radloff Dog Park

  • Close to home – living in Somerset West often requires lengthy car drives to experience famous Capetonian sites. Although I am not saying that Radloff Dog Park is the same as visiting Table Mountain, the fact that it is nearby plays a significant role.
  • It is a safe place to visit – Yes, I am THAT paranoid mom, the one that is constantly concerned about our safety and have found Radloff Dog Park to be a comfortably safe place to visit.
  • The locals are friendly – We live in a world where we pass each other barely stopping for a minute to greet. Passing locals walking their dogs in Radloff usually means a smile, hello and brief story about their favourite pets.
  • Nature is beautiful – Getting the little ones out into Nature by allowing them to skip along the Lourens River is an epic adventure for all involved.
  • Long walks are good for your Soul – Trying to keep an active lifestyle can be daunting for any Professional out there, let alone teaching little people the importance of exercise. A simple walk through Radloff will help get your blood pumping and free your mind of any work stresses.
  • No entry fee – Pack a picnic basket and enjoy a small snack surrounded by Nature, free of entry charge! Parking is free too, extra bonus!
  • Socialization skills – One of my little ones used to be petrified of dogs, after a few visits to Radloff, she has become confident in being around the four legged animals and has learnt how to approach them to say Hi with ease.

Next time you are in Somerset West, Cape Town, give Radloff Dog Park a visit, you will not be disappointed!

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