The Robertson Small Hotel | Chapter 7 | Robertson Wine Valley

Robertson Small Hotel


After an epic day of Wine Tasting and travelling across Robertson Wine Valley, our trusty Chauffeur Percy dropped us off at The Robertson Small Hotel for our second evening’s stay. Having experienced 5-star luxury at Jan Harsmgat the night before, I was looking forward to a second evening of 5-star luxurious indulgence.

Once my phone and laptop were plugged in and I had freshened up a bit, I sat on the room’s private porch with a cup of coffee and watched the sunset. I had about an hour before having to attend dinner at the famous Reuben’s Restaurant and really enjoyed my time chatting with locals and hearing the birds slowly stop tweeting as the sun went down.

After dinner, I climbed into bed and wrote down my thoughts of the day and kept thinking about how much my kids would love the size of the bed that I was in.

My morning coffee was served in my room and I had the opportunity to go full circle and experience the sun rise on the same porch as last night. I could feel the town of Robertson awakening and had to drag myself away from the absolute peace to grab a quick shower. Ok wait. The shower was not that quick. It was AMAZING. I have since told Graeme that we need to invest in the same showerheads that the Robertson Small Hotel has. It was that good!

I must give the staff of The Robertson Small Hotel a special mention. They went out of their way to treat me with the very best service and even helped me with the occasional lighting request for some selfies.

My favourite item from The Robertson Small Hotel: Organic Olive and Lavender Body Wash

Added Bonus: They have a divine Wellness Room on site

Disclaimer: All views are my own


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