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Have you heard of a chocolate and wine pairing before? If so, have you experienced one? I was SO excited to be invited to a chocolate and wine pairing by Robertson Winery that when we arrived and were seated in an underground cellar, my high expectations were blown completely out of the water!

A taste explosion could not adequately describe what I experienced during the tasting. The combination of expert knowledge by our hosts and the fact that I was seated in an underground cellar that was created probably close to 75 years ago combined for a rich experience.

After the tasting we were taken on a tour of the underground vaults. I kid you not, I saw glitter on the walls. Ok, it was not glitter but the remains of wine embedded in the walls from years ago. As we explored deeper and deeper into the underground world of wine, I was reminded of how laborious winemaking was many years ago.

The history of Robertson Winery was evident at every turn and our hosts spent a long time answering our plethora of questions. The one in particular that I enjoyed hearing the answer to, as an Entrepreneur, was “How many bottles of wine do you sell?” The answer: “1 bottle every 0.03 seconds locally.“ Wow! Their recipe of combining talented staff, superb customer service and attention to detail is a sure winner.

The fact that were allowed to explore their underground world was a huge privilege. The feeling of a ‘mass corporate’ was not evident and I left Robertson Winery feeling as if I had just seen a Picasso for the first time.

My favourite Robertson Wine and Chocolate Pairing: Wolfkloof Shiraz paired with White Pepper dusted Dark Chocolate
Added Bonus: Meet the Winemakers!

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