Springfield Estate | Chapter 5 | Robertson Wine Valley

Springfield Estate South Africa


Straight after my visit to Graham Beck, trusty Percy swiftly transported our Group to Springfield Estate. I knew that we were in for a treat as soon as I saw families congregating around the Springfield Estate dam jetty. Images of children laughing and adults enjoying the wine and sunshine made for epic Instagram Pics #nofilter.


Springfield Estate South Africa
Image by: Taryn Smith, Keeping your Sanity


We were treated to a gorgeous wine tasting on their deck and our host began to tell us the history of the wines we were indulging in. The land surrounding me was peaceful, picturesque and felt wholesome. I could tell that families from far travel many hours to spend a lazy Saturday or Sunday afternoon at Springfield Estate and I left knowing that my kids would absolutely fall in love with this gem in the Roberston Wine Valley.

My favourite Springfield Estate Wine: Miss Lucy
Added Bonus: See the feature of Springfield Estate in Belgium Gourmet Magazine, Dolce

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