Van Loveren | Chapter 10 | Robertson Wine Valley

Van Loveren Robertson Wine Valley


I knew that my weekend was coming to an end when Percy dropped us off at our last stop, the Van Loveren Estate. Somewhat sad to know that I would be saying goodbye to Robertson Wine Valley and returning to Somerset West, I was met with warm smiles and pink bubbles in a glass by the Van Loveren staff.

After placing my order of a Four Cousins tasting platter, we were taken on a tour of the famous Van Loveren garden. Having had very little knowledge of the heritage, I found myself submerged in nature and history and had to remind myself halfway through that we were in fact in a garden on a wine estate and not on a tropical island.

During the garden tour I learnt about (and touched) the famous Tangled tree! I saw a Leopard tree for the very first time and took a fascinating look at the legacy that Jean Retief left by planting each garden item with a specific commemorative reason in mind.

Fun fact: The tangled tree seed was purchased by Jean many years ago for 15cents, which at the time was considered a very large amount of money!

The garden tour ended with a remarkable Wine Tasting Platter! Tastes included a Rose Granita crushed salt and fennel, biltong, rose chocolate, marula gruit cream and fudge. It was the perfect sweet setting to end off a perfect Wine Exploration Weekend.

If you are an Entrepreneur or Corporate looking to indulge your family in a well deserved South African Holiday, I would highly recommend a weekend (or three) in Robertson Wine Valley. Be prepared to educate your taste buds!

My favourite drink from this visit: Four Cousins Marula Gruit Cream
Added Bonus: Springbokkie Panna Cota’s with Crème de Menthe Caviar

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